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‘There are echoes of Riddley Walker, there are notes of the Mad Max franchise, but above all, this is Cormac McCarthy’s The Road for littleys.’


‘The two performers are friendly and approachable; there is joy in their friendship, they play sweet music and sing pretty songs together and it makes them happy.’


‘It isn’t a preachy show it’s just very brave, very upfront and very good.’


Elegant engaging eco-fable - **** The Reviews Hub


‘The writing was superb, the performances were outstanding and the audience were in awe.

We can’t wait to see them back at The Plough!’ - The Plough Arts Centre

Stories in the Dust Review

‘It was an absolute pleasure to host such a beautiful show’ - Pavilions Teignmouth

Audience comments

A gorgeous story with brilliant music. A slice of heart warming hope and magic.

A really wonderful play, all my children were silent and it totally captured their imagination.

Really fun ideas and great production!

That was the longest he’s ever sat still. He doesn’t even do carpet time at school!

I thought it was absolutely spell-binding. The performances were so good that I was enthralled all the way through. And what a thought provoking theme; so appropriate for the times.


One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. - Luca aged 8

Enchanting for the kids and poignant for the adults.

Just came out of your show at Corsham with my son. I was not expecting this today, I was nearly in floods of tears. Such a powerful, moving play on survival, hope, strength, friendship and of course the elements. I could watch it over and over. You were both incredible.

Everyone needs to see this!

Blown-away! What a superb performance, high quality production, great stories, wonderful songs and inspiring acting.

Loved the beautiful set! Inspired to transform my own shopping trolley (and to call my sister!)

Loved the show! My inner child was smiling the whole time.

It made me laugh and cry!

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